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about us


Contributing to the education of children in the Peruvian highlands through the delivery of bicycles. That way they can get to their schools more quickly and efficiently, thus taking better advantage of their education.



A country where children have the same opportunities for their education

the team

We are more than 25 university students from 18 to 26 years old who seek to generate a positive impact on the education of Peru.

general direction

Rodrigo Aguirre
General Director
"Baika gave me the opportunity of teaching a child how to ride a bike with the same bike that I learned to with. Definitely something changed in me from that day on."
Alessandro Brescia Director de Operaciones
Alessandro Brescia
Director of operations
"Baika allows me to grow as a person and strengthen skills for my professional development."
Andrea Kanashiro Directora de Proyectos Baika
Andrea Kanashiro
Project and Marketing Director
"Baika gave me so many opportunities, the greatest being giving back to the world the gift of a privileged life."
Valery Abregu Directora de Finanzas Baika
Valery Abregú
Finance Director
"For me, Baika is empathy. Baika teaches me to value the simplest things, to be aware of how lucky I am and above all to learn to be grateful."
Joaquin Lira lider de proyectos Baika
Joaquín Lira
Project Director
"Baika is a source of learning; here I learned about the different realities that we live in the country and I was also able to learn about managing high-performance teams."
Sebastian Aguedo Lider de Poryectos Baika
Sebastián Aguedo
Project Director
"Baika allows me to work together with exceptional, committed and creative people to generate a positive impact. There is a good ambience and that motivates me to do more."
Sabrina Buendia Baika
Sabrina Buendia

Directora de Recursos Humanos
"Being part of the Baika team is an incredible experience because it gives you the opportunity to contribute to the country's change with your grain of sand and allows you to grow as a person by having contact with different realities"
Pablo Ramos
"If any one of us has the ability to improve a person's life, they also have the responsibility to do so."



Jose Kanashiro Operaciones Baika
Jose Kanashiro
"At Baika I found what I had not found elsewhere: the opportunity to change the reality of thousands of children."
Joseph Cabrera Operaciones Baika
Josseph Cabrera
"Being a member of Baika leaves you with personal values ​​by contributing to the education of Peru, and also makes you an intermediary so that other people can join."
Grabirela Gomez Operaciones Baika
Gabriela Gómez
 "For me, Baika is my grain of sand to change the world and make children happier."
Gustavo Castillo Operaciones Baika
Gustavo Castillo
"It is a great way to help children in need through something I am passionate about, cycling."


Maria Jose Abugattas Marketing Baika
María José Abugattas

"Baika is the place where I give my all selflessly, just to see the smile and improve a child's life a little bit."

Alavaro Matzumura Marketing Baika
Alvaro Matzumura
"Baika is an encouraging project with the potential to change the reality of many children in Peru."
Maria Belen Martinez Marketing Baika
Maria Belén Martínez
Baika is a proyect that has taught me to give all that I can, without expecting anything in return."
Adriana Ferreiros Marketing Baika
Adriana Ferreyros
"At Baika I can do what I like the most and impact the lives of children at the same time."
Luis Velarde 
"The key to happiness is giving and that is exactly what I do in Baika ."


Paulina Dias  Baika
Paulina Dias
"For me, Baika represents the chance to help change the lifes of many kids, fight inequality in Peru and offer them a better reality."


Rodrigo Mazuelos Lider de proyectos Baika
Rodrigo Mazuelos
Project leader
"Everything we do at Baika is comforting when we see the happy faces of children with their bikes."
Eduardo Luna Baika
Eduardo Luna
"Baika is a community aware that there are different realities in Peru; therefore, it is the means that allows me to contribute to improving the quality of life of many children and their families."
Domenica Vallejo Baika
Domenica Vallejo
"For me, Baika is like a second family. We have a team with an unimaginable commitment, which has been changing the lives of many children in the different provinces of Peru."
Francisco Crousillat Baika
Francisco Crousillat
"It opens your eyes, it shows you another reality and motivates you to fight for a better world. Baika made me more human."
Fiorella Ramirez Baika
Fiorella Ramírez
"Baika gives me the opportunity to devise, create and see a change in Peruvian society. It has allowed me to think of others before myself."
Alexia Vigil Baika
Alexia Vigil
"Build little by little the happiness of others from wherever we are with initiative, commitment and love involved. This is what Baika means to me."
Anitza Nadramia Baika
Anitza Nadramia
"Baika hast taught me many things. The most important is that even a small action can create great change."
Mikaela Merino Baika
Mikela Merino
"For me, Baika is a two way experience. It gives me the opportunity of giving and receiving happiness and companionship, as well as connecting with others."
Lara Valdez Baika
Lara Valdez
"The donation of a bicycle gains a new meaning, it goes beyond fun and leisure: it becomes a beautiful ooportunity to help improve academic performance."
Iván Klinkovich
"Is the harmony of a group of people that always does the deliveries with joy, hope and, above all else, the knowledge that many times the bicycles are the least of it."


David Amésquita
"Knowing and being able to help all these children has been without a doubt the best experience of my life, Baika really changes the lives of many schoolchildren in Peru."
Alejandro Cornejo Baika
Alejandro Cornejo
"Baika is a project that focuses on two main beneficiaries: the children who receive the bicycles and the volunteers. Both will be able to say that their lives changed for the better."


Santiago Neira - Foto Baika.jpeg
Santiago Neira
"Baika allows us to create opportunities for the people around us. To impact the life and education of thousands of kids all over Peru"
Guillerno Lozano
"Baika teaches us to be grateful. It also gives us the opportunity of sharing those things that make us happy with others."
Mauricio Lavaud - Foto Baika.jpeg
Mauricio Lavaud
"Baika is an excellent opportunity to learn from incredible people committed to the development of Peruvian education through commitment, responsibility and empathy."
Juan Diego García Montúfar 
"It represent the opportunity that an exceptional human group takes to face real problems, all framed in one constant premise: helping."


Mónica Basagoitia
Jackie Mohme
Patricia Roig
Catherine Allison
Johana Delgado
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