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Baika RPP

Baika: social project that promotes bicycle donation to children that have to walk more than two hours to get to their schools

Baika Correo
logo correo.png

College students help children in Puno with bicycles for their commute [VIDEO]

Baika La Republica
la republica.png

Donate your bicycle and help schoolchildren in Puno [VIDEO]

Baika Mercado Negro
mercado negro logo.jpg

Baika: The social campaign that wants to donate bicycles

Baika Fundacion Romero
romero logo.png

PQS partners with Baika, project that donates bicycles to schoolchildren that need them for their commute 

Baika PQS
pqs logo.jpeg

Pablo Ramos: creation and purpose of Baika

Baika IPAE
ipae logo.png

Get to know Baika: social initiative that promotes education

Baika IPE
canal ipe logo.png

Baika: Bicycles that help

Baika UP

Baika and Cuenta Tus Pasos promote donation campaing for 400 families that have been affected by the cold

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