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y Valery Abregú

Iván Klinkovich

Ayaviri, Puno (August, 2018)

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"I came to Baika almost by chance. One of my schoolteachers convinced me to go on missions without knowing what we were going to do. When we arrived at Ayaviri, I crashed into another reality, which made me realise many of us live in a bubble and that millions of Peruvians haven't been as lucky as us.


On the third day, we went to a school for children of all ages to deliver the bicycles. They told us how much it took them the commute to school and back and how tired it made them. That day, each of us was in charge of a child. The child that was assigned to me had never ridden a bicycle before. I didn't think someone could sweat so much in such cold weather! After hours of effort, falls and laughs, he made it; he learned how to ride a bike.

Thanks to Baika, I understood the reality we live in, the importance of helping those in need and the immense happiness this brings to those involved."

Francisco Crousillat

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2018)

Baika Octubre y plan de investigacion-18

"When you see the educational reality of these children, you realise that there is much work to do. For me, being part of Baika and knowing that I can help them have a better future motivates me."

David Amesquita

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2019)

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"Baika's results are reflected in the children's faces when we arrive to the school. Getting to know them and sharing with them is the most gratifying thing and confirms that all the effort put to push the project forward has been worth it."

Maria José Abugattas

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2019)

"En el 2017, un grupo de amigos y yo decidimos hacer un viaje a Ayaviri, Puno. Llevamos 13 bicicletas para donarlas a un colegio de la zona, una de ellas era la mía. Decidí llevar mi bicicleta porque yo ya no le estaba dando uso. Era muy pequeña para mi, ya que fue la bici con la que aprendí a manejar. En el momento de la entrega de bicicletas nos dimos cuenta que de los 13 chicos solo uno no sabía manejar bicicleta. Él había recibido la mía, así que sin dudarlo fui y le enseñé. De todas las experiencias que he tenido en Baika esta es la que recuerdo con mayor emoción: Tener la oportunidad de enseñarle a un niño a montar bicicleta con la misma bici con la que me enseñaron a mí."


Rodrigo Aguirre

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2019)


"It all started in December 2017, when, with a group of friends, we decided to travel to Ayaviri to deliver donations, among which were some bikes. A friend who lived there had told us that some children had to walk for hours to get to their schools, and that that was the reason they had asked us to collect bicycles in Lima; they were pretty hard to find over there. When the time came to make the delivery, we were amazed  by the boys' happiness: it was the best gift they had ever received. 
This delivery changed us. We went back to Lima full of questions and with the need to do much more. It wasn't long before we knew that that was the case for thousands of children living amongst the Peruvian Andes, whose needs could be met with some bicycles. 

The rest is history. Baika was founded and we were able to replicate that first delivery in many other schools.

Why do I tell you this? Ever since i was a schoolboy I have believed that building a more integrated and less unequal society in Peru is possible. A place where solidarity and empathy primes above indifference and individualism. Baika is a space that allows me to contribute with my grain of sand to the future of so many people that haven't got the same opportunities as me. I'm aware of this and everyday I thrive to make this dream of change come true.
Baika also allows me to grow and disregard the troubles that have turned me into the person I am now.
Finally, I'm happy to work with such an extraordinary group of people who share my dreams and ideals. A group with which to pedal towards a better future."

Alessandro Brescia

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2019)


"Seeing the impact Baika generates makes all the effort worth it. Personally, I come back after each delivery more motivated and more grateful for being part of this incredible project that has improved the lives of almost 600 children."

Domenica Vallejo

Ayaviri, Puno (March, 2018)


Alejandro Cornejo

Ayaviri, Puno (Octubre, 2019)

“The first time I went to Puno with Baika was amid 2019. David and I were starting our thesis, which measured the impact of the bicycles in school development. That time, we were there to deliver the bicycles and recollect data. We were three persons in total: Pablo, David and I. There were hard days, and sometimes problems we had not foreseen arose. Nevertheless, what I gained in that trip exceeds any kind of inconvenience: the happiness of the children, the collaboration among the people there, the long-term impact we were generating, those are things you don’t get to experience every day. This is not just welfare help; this can change lives.”

Alejandro Cornejo

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2019)

"No esperaba recibir nada a cambio; sin embargo, me fui con el corazón lleno sabiendo que pude contribuir con un pedacito de la vida de muchos niños."

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Maria Belen Martinez

Ayaviri, Puno (July, 2019)

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