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“It was the first time I went to Ayaviri. I was affected not only by the beauty of the place but also by the quality of people living here. I remember that on the first day of delivery, we were giving each family one basket of groceries. However, I accidentally gave someone whose family had already received a basket another one. He stopped me and said, “no, my mom has already been given one”, and gave me back the groceries. The honesty of this person, for whom the food was a scarce good, was very interesting. We are used to thinking that Peruvians are “vivos” (sly), that we take advantage of every situation even if it is unfair. Sometimes those who have not had favorable lives can teach us a lot. This kind of visits bring new lessons, and it is our duty to appreciate it.”

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"Visiting Ayaviri has been one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had. This opportunity taught me others' realities and how to help and empathize with them. Life inside the country is hard by itself, and unfortunately, the pandemic has made the hardships intensify and harm the most vulnerable. Even so, Ayaviri, being such a small town, is a beautiful place, full of history and amazing people. Each person amazes you with their manners, anecdotes, gestures and amiability. I don't have the word to thank those that made this trip possible. Learning has no price for me and undoubtedly has left me with an unforgettable lesson: value and appreciate what one has. There is still much to do, and I hope that this activity helped those who needed it. I would repeat it over and over again for each gesture, word and person."

“Sometimes people, or experiences, come into our lives to give us more of an understanding. On this trip, I was accompanied by many of them. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting children with the prettiest smiles that I have ever seen, which have reminded me that one can be happy without much. During this trip, I was surrounded by people who laughed about everything and anything. People who express their happiness with just one look, by singing, crying or dedicating poems. People who think they are alone and forgotten. However, during the trip, we’ve helped them realize that they are not alone or forgotten. We’ve reminded them that they matter and that there are thousands of us thinking about them and looking for a way to help from wherever we are. From this part of the trip, I keep the initiative, the interest and the commitment from those who participated in the campaign. Those who took even five seconds to share it have touched the hearts of many families. With this, I realize that there are many good people with the intention of building a better world, little by little; above all, with the purpose of changing other’s lives and give them hope and happiness.”

"Until now, every Baika delivery I have participated in has left me the same message: happiness doesn't come from having more things. In everyday life, I see materialistic things as necessities, but the experience of seeing people who have so little to be so happy has made me question myself. 

Not only that, It allows me to learn and value even more everything I have the luck to have. These experiences help me to be more grateful and therefore happier."

Joaquín Villalobos

Carla Macedo

Alexia Vigil

Pablo Ramos







 "Going to Ayaviri, in Puno was an experience very different to others since I had never travelled to do social labour. From the moment the idea was presented to me, I accepted it because it looked like a great opportunity to meet and help people who live in terrible conditions. After coming back home, I realised I'm very fortunate to live in the conditions I do and that I need to learn to value what I have. This trip wasn't only for fun; it was a way to see the realities others face and help them. This feeling is unique, and I hope many decide to do this activity along with Baika's great team."

Andrés Barreto


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